Birthday Party

Where would an elephant wear a clown nose?

Travel at Home

Another in a series of illustrations about using your imagination to travel.


Some of my recent sketchbook subjects


An ongoing series of illustrations based on using your imagination to travel. Am hoping to turn this into a series of stories.

The Corgi Boys Detective Agency

Sample pages for a submission to a Japanese wordless comic competition.

The Beach

A self directed illustration or “it’s summer here in Australia and I want to draw the beach!”


An editorial illustration for an article on video games.


Part of an ongoing series of videogame console illustrations.


An ongoing series of themed patterns. Created for greeting cards, t-shirts and editorials.

Kids Comics

Serialized comics for kids magazines.


This series of illustrations was made for the 2020 SCBWI Narrative Art Award. The theme was “Silver Lining”


Inspired by the concept of rains of fish and frogs, this illustration is part of a WIP picture book concept.

Illustrated Workspace

I was recently interviewed for Kids Book Review This was an illustrated look at my workspace.

How to Build a Best Friend

These images are taken from a work in progress Picture Book Dummy.

SCUBA part 2

This illustration is an extension of my self initiated series of undersea illustrations. This time, I wanted to focus on the variety of fish that populate a reef….