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An ongoing series of illustrations based on using your imagination to travel. Am hoping to turn this into a series of stories.


This series of illustrations was made for the 2020 SCBWI Narrative Art Award. The theme was “Silver Lining”


Inspired by the concept of rains of fish and frogs, this illustration is part of a WIP picture book concept.

How to Build a Best Friend

These images are taken from a work in progress Picture Book Dummy.

Alaska SCBWI Sticker Design

The Alaska chapter of SCBWI was looking for a design and illustration for their marketing material. This illustration was my submission to be used on stickers, posters etc.

Picture Book Dummy

One of the early self directed projects that I undertook was a picture book dummy based on a sample story that I wrote. It’s about a pair of…

Ghost Party!

This illustration was made for a promotional postcard.


Studies of children playing


Inspired by the BLUR song of the same name.


I love drawing dogs. Bulldogs, corgies and greyhounds are my current favourites. This pattern is intended to be produced as a print in the near future.

Alice in Wonderland

A concept for an Alice in Wonderland Cover

everything’s a hat

Concepts for a WIP Picture Book.


A cover concept for a WIP Picture Book

Bad Hair Day

Pavlova Attack!